Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dubsmash for free

   Dubsmash for PC Free Download

  • Selfie is the latest trend followed now-a-days. But why these should be silent and a boring image? Add sounds with your dubbing and say it with a video using Dubsmash app.
  • We can select a sound that makes some laugh from others.These sound can be browse from sound Board categories. this can can be browse using search button.
  • After choosing  the Sound,start Dubbing with your Sound and enjoy with the dubbed version of your voice.
  • Dubsmash can have some effective  features.
  • Then just keep all your fun on social media such as Whatsapp,Facebook etc..,
  • This is the latest trend in all over the world

Features of Dubsmash:

Dubsmash contain three types of categories


This is for dialogues that can be used by the users.
It includes Bollywood dialogues,internet hits,memorable ads,action,love,sports,politicians,cartoon,horror,party,birthday specials etc..,


this is for trending dilogues that are used by so many users.This category has some effects and can choose what kind of effect is matching to our voice as well as for the video.

Sound Boards:

In this sound Board we can have collection of sound effecting systems.

 It is an unusual form of messaging, it allows you to create your own personal video with your feelings and let you sync with some sounds or movie songs . It is so fun to communicate with your friends sending funny stuff. You can send , post the videos in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp. Dubsmash makes you so special from others by transforming your selfie to a entertaining form.

How to download and install Dubsmash in your Windows/Mac PC:

1.Download  the Blue stacks emulator on your PC.
2.Run the installer file and follow the procedure of installation.
3.Click the icon of Blue Stacks on your desktop.
4. Launch the emulator and search for Dubsmash.
5.Click on Dubsmash and soon it is downloaded.
Use this link

Videos on show box

Showbox is a HD videos streaming app on android mobiles as well as on tablets.
From now it is easy to watch or download HD movies through android app showbox......
Showbox  provide quite brilliant features in order to entertain by providing online tv shows and film download or viewing films at online.

So let us try in order to get entertained with this app.
There are few other apps where it also provide same specifications as that of showbox but we prefer this because it is free and awesome display and voice clarity.
No advertisements in the middle of the videos

Advantages of installing this app:
1)No adds.
2)Free download.
3)Watch for free in online.
4)Awesome display and voice clarity.
5)can able to sort.
6)Famous TV show are also seen.

Download of films are also faster through this.There is less information who had developed it who ever it may but it gives lot of entertainment when ever we feel bore or in journeys.
Being wasting data for useless apps lets try this get entertained and entertain others.
One of best features of it is "No adds" it is true that no pop ups or adds will be 
generated while visiting the films or shows.It is not made to earn money but to made life 
easy and smooth.

Show box is also access the data very fastly 
With out wasting our time this app shows all kind of videos including serials and movies and sports .
It can be used in any platform such as windows,mac,android(tablet and phone) and android based (Blackberry and Kindle Fire).
Show box is not provided in Google Play Store.We can download this app from following link
Showbox is good in streaming the videos of high quality

Saturday, 4 July 2015

How to Upgrade Windows 10 Free 10 free isn't it.........

Hey guys , we all knew about the latest and last windows version going to be released in this July.     Ya, windows 10 and its open source there will be no crack or activators for it,we can enjoy it freely, free from activation errors ....

coming to the installation of windows 10 it would look like following similar to all windows installation....

    The process of installing is similar to Windows 7,8,8..after installation the first screen(desktop)....its so cool can visualize it....

If you want the preview version of windows 10, you can try it it is absolutely free...and officially relesead by microsoft malwares....try it....its a safe link.....

after openening this link please note down the basic product key and download the iso file of windows 10 which will be 3.77 gb approx.

choose you language and download it...............

minimum config to install windows 10 os :
->1gb ram
->16gb rom
->basic graphics
->processor with 1ghz speed or more

As expected from windows has awesome features.......
1.) Cortana enabled
2.) microsoft edge
3.) Apps
4.)xbox(for gamers)
5.) fast access

Cortana the personal assistant :

    wow its cortana dude....your personal assistant which is enabled with windows 10, you can operate your os with your voice...
    it also helps you with several tasks,and reminds you,helps in searching,and tells jokes too,gives riddles to solve.
  its quite fun working with cortana......

Microsoft Edge :
    microsoft launches its new web browser..Microsoft edge......a way to access your search more faster.....
    windows 10 launches with 2 browser is IE-11 and the other is microsoft edge......

Edge with Cortana: sounds cool can actual access your internet or search for something in the browser can do it with cortana........

    you can take your readings with you in this browser....that is you can save articles that you have read....and you can maintain a hub of collections on your own..

to know more about microsoft edge refer this link

Applications :
     apps, apps, apps many of we love apps 10having few basic apps...similar to windows 8.1 apps.......but a new feature you can restore down and maximise the app.....

xbox :
    Crazy and active gamers here is the app(xbox) you want to know about in windows was modified and specially designed in a newer look for you guys....

Fast access :
    the main difference between windows 10 and previous versions of windows are many , the main feature that basic people should know is about the fast accessing in windows 10 we easily switch apps and workspaces we can run multiple programs at a time with a very fast access rate, you can visualize it when get upgraded to windows 10 to test windows 10 you can download the preview version.

windows 10 phones:
    as we know that an upgrade will be given to all windows phone will be released later of mid year.....check the pics:

    As expected from Microsoft it would be a great hit and its free source so everyone can get the original one directly from site...or register for the limited free upgrade services by Microsoft.


London is a fantastic place to stay and enjoy honeymoon especially in summer which is usually between the month of June and August. It is an exquisite city located within Europe having parks, a world-class shopping area,pubs,gorgeous architectural designs and museums all located within the city. During the visit in London one can hire a vehicle with the help of dvla contact. The national language in London is English and they use British pounds as their currency. Some of the best honeymoon destinations in London include,

The Langham hotel which was opened in 1865 by the Prince of Wales and has been a royal hotel. This hotel was recently modernized and equipped with facilities which include Wi-Fi, large screen televisions, Asian chuan spa and exclusive treatments which are all based on the traditional Chinese medicine. In the basement there is an indoor pool which is heated and also a steam room. There is also a private lounge at the third floor where visitors are treated with breakfast and all day snacks and beverages. The hotel also boasts of an artesian bar with celebrity crowd who are mainly from BBC studios who frequents the place.


Another superb hotel in London suitable for honeymoon is the One Aldwych hotel which is conveniently located between River Thames and Covent Garden and is ideal for honeymoon. The hotel is in the middle of London theatre district and a short distance from Soho’s nightlife scene. It has sleek white guest rooms with huge comfortable beds and room service from both the bar (lobby bar) and the two restaurants which are (Axis and Indigo) inside the hotel is a club with an indoor pool and treatment rooms where couples can have spa therapies. The hotel also has a private screening room with champagne, popcorn and also classic films.

Some of the eye catching and romantic restaurants in London include the Clos Maggiore restaurant. In this restaurant candle light dinner is usually served in an enclosed area with starlight and a roaring fireplace. The menu mostly comprises of French cooking styles and dishes like English partridge are mostly served.

The Circus bar and restaurant is also another well-defined honeymoon destination in London. It has live entertainers with cabaret-style. These entertainers literally prance the middle of the tables during meals time. One of the common dishes you are likely to find is the tempura soft-shell. Other breath taking restaurants includes the led bury in Notting Hill ,Le Pont de La Tour, Tower Bridge and also the Toms terrace at Somerset house.

Lastly, river Thames is also a perfect luxury destination filled with exciting and pleasurable experience. This place offers a variety of experience with lunch dinner or disco cruise in the vicinity hence making it a special place. There is also a variety of entertainment with live rock bands, the jazz bands, casinos; discos. One can book a private table which is available to enjoy their honeymoon.

In conclusion, London not only offers a quiet, exclusive, Eco-friendly and breath-taking romantic destinations but also offers luxury, security and comfort at its best.